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Our company was founded in 1981, starting off as a small family-owned business producing string used to pack a wide variety of sweets. Over the next few years the company saw a rapid development, which helped to expand the assortment of goods, implement new technologies as well as increase the number of employees. Due to the changes in structure and introduction of new possibilities in the 90s, BELATEX came into full bloom. Through the purchase of modern machines and access to the best raw materials needed for production, combined with a highly qualified team the company was able to gain a strong position in the market and establish itself as the leader in the floral industry of the 21st century. The pace at which our company was developing did not slow down in the millennium. In fact, one of the most important investments was the opening of a weaving and knitting department, which helped to introduce a new group of products—woven and material ribbons.

As of today BELATEX has around 100 employees, most of whom have long tenure with the company. Most of the machinery in our company is modern Italian, German, and Swiss from reputable producers, and our design team cares for the constant expansion in range of the company. BELATEX owes its strong position in the market to its own original ideas in the field of design and very wide range of products. It is a company that is first to introduce novelties to the Polish market as well as foreign markets. We are setting new trends in the floral and decorative industries. In addition, continuous cooperation with many companies from Poland, as well as foreign ones, allows us to constantly adjust to changing trends in floristry and to the current needs of our customers. All of the aforementioned factors and the experience gained over the last 35 years have allowed us to continuously strengthen our position in floral accessories market, and above all to offer you perfect and original products.


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do pakowania prezentów, ozdabiania doniczek, wazonów i kompozycji kwiatowych.

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